I stand in a dark room. There are no windows. The only light is coming from a lightbulb above a door across the room. I look behind me. There is another door. I try opening it. But it’s stuck. I squat to look inside the keyhole. But it’s even darker there then where I am right now. There is no way back.

I stand back up and face the room. I have never been here before. I don’t remember how I got here. The left side of the room is piled up with broken wooden chairs. The entire right side of the wall is covered with a bookcase. Filled with picture frames, trinkets, books and a few large straw baskets covered the bottom shelf. I walk over to the bookcase. With every step I take further in to the room the floorboards creak. And give a chill down my spine.

I take a closer look at the frames. They were covered in dust. With my sleeve I remove the dust from the frame. In the picture I see myself surrounded by a few people. Everyone’s face is scratched out. I don’t remember this picture being taken. I look over to the lightbulb above the door that is now flickering.

I grab another frame and remove the dust. I’m wearing a dress, at what seems like a park. Next to me is a man. His face scratched out. My face emotionless. I look unhappy.

I put the frames back on the shelf. And walk towards a few books. The sounds of the floor board following my every step. These books were also covered in dust. Even in this dim lit room I could see the bright colors coming from underneath the dust – I remember these-.

I grab one of the books and remove the dust. The room gives a rough shake and I fall onto the ground dropping the book. The lightbulb goes out and illuminates the room.

I look around and see some light coming from the bottom shelf of the bookcase, behind a straw basket. I remove the basket and see a window. The view is white.  I cover the sides of my face and take a closer look out the window. The view was still white but had hints of blue in it.  -Clouds-. I remove another basket to reveal another window. -Where am I. What is this place-.

I walk over to the other door. Hoping it’s not locked. The room gives another rough shake. And I grab hold of the door handle for some stability. I notice a bleeping sound coming from the other side of the room. I open the door with ease.

As I walk into the room I am amazed as to where I am. –How could this place be an airplane-. I am in a cockpit. There is no one sitting in the two seats in front of me. . –How am I going to put the airplane on the ground. I don’t know how to fly, let alone land-.The airplane gives another rough shake and I land in one of the empty chairs. This seemed like a great time to put on my seatbelt.

The bleeping sound came from a red button on the panel. It read ‘autopilot’.I felt save and assured I was going to be alright. –I have my seatbelt on and I just have to push the red button. I’ll handle whatever comes my way.

The plane shakes some more and I push the red button. The turbulence was gone. And there are no sounds coming from the panel. I felt relieved. I sit comfortably in my chair and I take a deep breath. The bleeping sound returns and the plane makes a steep and fast drop. 

With a gasp, I wake up from my dream

Aini Alem

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