Rise of the Fallen; Chapter 2

A scream released itself from my mouth, and I scrambled to get up. It was too dark to see whom it was. It got up never blinking, and pushed my bedroom door open with its index finger. I had finally risen and held my balance by holding the armchair backrest. Siem hid underneath my bed. This seemed to be the safest place. It stepped into my room and I could see whom it was. He was a young man with pale skin and dark brown hair. I had never seen this man before. I wanted to ask him who he was and what he was doing in my home. But I was out of breath. He walked further into my room towards the wall next to my bed, never unlocking his gaze with mine. My fear had taken over my body and I was shaking all over. My ‘Who are you?’ sounded like ‘O’ and some mumblings that even I wouldn’t have been able to decipher if I were someone else. He unlocked his gaze with mine to stare at the clock my mother had given me. My mother told me, she purchased a watch in a clock store in the train station. The owner of the clock store gave her this antique clock as a gift. It was an old rickety clock that didn’t match the style of my new apartment. Perhaps he thought it was worth something.

My breath had returned and I was panting heavily. -Should I jump out the window? I lived on the 5th floor. Would I survive that-? I took a fast glimpse out of the window. Even the trees in my street weren’t this high. Running out of my bedroom was the only option left. I just hoped Siem would follow me.

He looked at me as if he knew what my plan was.

‘Who are you!’ I yelled. Shocked to hear my voice had returned.

‘Nice clock’. He said as he slowly walked towards me. ‘Who gave it to you?’

‘You can have it!’ I said as I took a step back. With my back against the open window I knew there was no way out.

‘Oh no, I don’t want your clock. I wouldn’t want them to find me.’

I had no idea what he was talking about and I didn’t care, I had to find a way to get out of here.

My front door opened and I heard my mother calling my name.


‘Mom!’ I yelled. I had given my parents a spare key when I moved out. But they told me they wouldn’t use it. Whatever her reason for using it was, I was grateful, I now had someone that could call for help. My mother walked into my room and looked at him.

‘Run, Mom, he broke into my house!’ I said.

Instead my mother walked toward him and slapped him across his face. I had never seen my mother slap someone before.

His cheeky grin angered my mother even more.

‘How dare you, you swore to stay away from my daughter!’ She said.

They obviously knew each other. The man said nothing but touched his face with his left hand. My mother walked towards me and held my face in the palm of her hands.

‘Are you alright.’ I nod.

‘How do you know him.’ I asked.

My mother looked at him angry.

‘We have to go. Siem come.’ She said as she grabbed my hand.

From under the bed Siem appeared and followed us out of my apartment. Siem had never been this obedient. He never listened to me and always did whatever he wanted. I looked back to see if the man followed us but he didn’t.

‘Mom, he is still in my apartment’. I said.

We were standing in the elevator. She pushed the ground floor button and we waited for the door to close. Siem sat on the ground in between my mother and I. When the door closed I faced my mother. ‘Mom, tell me what’s going on’.

She sighed ‘Everything will be alright, I will explain everything later.’ She held my hand tighter. When the elevator door opened I looked into the mirror behind my mother.

‘I’m still wearing my pajamas’ -I look a mess-

‘There is no time for you to change your clothes.’ She said.

My mother let go of my hand as we stood by her car. She opened the door for me. Something she never did. It was probably broken again. That happened quite often. Both my parents had a very old cars, with cassette players and no air conditioning. I would have understood if it were a good looking car. I’m surprised it still runs. Siem jumped on my lap and found his way to the back seat. The car door closed and my mother walked over to sit in the driver’s seat. It was so hot inside the car. I struggled with rolling down the window.

‘We should call the police.’

‘No’ My mother said ‘It’s not like they are going to believe us.’

‘Why wouldn’t they, he is still in my home.’ I said.

‘No, I’m not.’ He said.

I snapped my head back to see him sitting next to a hissing Siem. I didn’t even hear him come in.

‘Out!’ My mother yelled. He opened the car door and got out

‘I’ll see you soon’ he said.

The car engine started and we drove off.