Rise of the Fallen; Chapter 3

The next morning I woke up in my old bedroom. Last night my father changed the locks to my door at home. He gave me the new key, and kept the spare one. My parents always kept the spare one in case I lost it or locked myself out of my house. After a shower and washing my hair back to its big curls, I got dressed. When I moved out of the house 2 weeks ago I had taken all of my clothes with me, so today I was wearing one of my mothers violet dresses.

‘Mom’ I said, as my parents and I ate our breakfast. Are you not going to tell me who he is.

My mother and I looked at my father as he spoke.

‘We met him years ago when he was still a boy. His mother asked us to take care of him. As soon as we got to our new house, he was gone. We don’t know his family. And we have no clue as to why he was in your home’.

My mother looked at my father as if he had already said too much. I knew they were hiding something from me. Why would my mother hit someone she barely knows. I mean, he did break into my home. But still, It was unlike my mother.

My mother suggested that I leave Siem at their house. He was having the time of his life, being back in a familiar place.

I waved my dad goodbye as he drove off to work. I didn’t feel it was necessary for my father to walk me inside my house. I somehow felt safe, knowing my father changed the locks.

I changed my clothes and packed my bag to go to school. I was about to leave my bedroom as I noticed a empty spot on my wall. I looked back and saw that my clock was missing. -I guess he did want to steal my clock-. Maybe he thought it was of some value. Though he did mention he didn’t want to be found. Whatever that meant.

I locked the door and walked towards the elevator. I pushed the button and noticed the key bundle I was holding. It belonged to the old door lock. I was digging through my bag to find the new key. Once I found it I held them side by side. Was my mind playing tricks on me. Because they looked identical. I walked back to my front door and tried opening it with both keys. My father had given me my spare key. He didn’t change the locks. -Why would he do that? Was too late to buy a new lock so he told me that he changed it. So I wouldn’t feel as scared to go back. I should ask my dad when I see him-.

My phone rang indicating a message. I threw my keys into my bag and grabbed my phone. It was from my classmate Rebecca.

‘Are you going to be on time today! because I’m not’

‘I think so, I have enough time. Why are you going to be late. Overslept again?’I typed back.

‘No, I was actually on time today, but the train stopped in the middle of nowhere not sure when it will arrive at your train station’

-The middle of nowhere- was an exaggeration of course. She lived 10 minutes away from here by train.

An Alarm rang across the country reminding us it is exactly 12:00 PM on the first Monday of the month. And that the alarms where still working. When something bad happens we are supposed to go indoors and lock all our doors, windows and watch the news. Of course no one does this.

When I walked to the train station three crows flew straight at me and I had to duck so they wouldn’t hit my face. I looked around and the crows were joined by more of them flying away from me. -It’s not like I am carrying bread-. That reminded me I have to buy my lunch at the supermarket. I grabbed my phone to check how much time I have until my next train comes. I noticed the time being 08:46 AM. I looked around me and realized no one had figured it out. People had their faces glued to their phones, listening on their head phones and going about their business.

Today was Wednesday the 13th of June. The alarm was still echoing across the city. -Should I warn everyone? And walk back home?- A young man rushed passed me towards the train station. -Did he notice?- I wondered, or was he just trying to catch his train.

-What if there is some type of toxic air floating around we could all die-. I opened my mouth to tell these people that it wasn’t 12:00PM heck it wasn’t even Monday. And that the alarm was still ringing.

A sound so terrifying was heard coming from the station. The young man I had seen earlier ran out of the station yelling and cursing as he was followed by a horde of people.

‘What’s going on?’ a woman asked. ‘It’s not Monday’ I said.

She looked at me and ran.

A shadow darkened the ground as people ran passed me. I looked towards the sky to see what was causing the darkness. I saw something that I never believed existed. It covered most of the sky as it moved forward. I figured I should probably go home. I turned to walk when someone pushed me to the ground, and I fell face first onto the pavement. It scratched my cheek. I turned to sit on my butt. I touched my face and felt blood.

People stopped cycling to go toward the other direction. Busses stopped to get everyone out. I saw young teens running backward and filming on their cellphones. An old homeless man held his hands up towards the sky begging them, to take him with them. The last bit of sun shined in my eyes making it impossible for me to see clearly until the shade covered my body completely.

‘Hello’ Squatting in front of me was the same man that had entered my home the day before.

‘Are you following me?’ I asked.

‘Sort of’. He said. ‘You had a tracker in your home. You know, that ugly clock’.

We got up from the ground.

‘When you said, they would find you. You meant them’. I said as I looked at the spaceship.


‘Who are you?’ I continued

‘My name is Evan, Your name is Celeste. That, is a spaceship as the humans would call it. And all your family members are all fugitives. Especially your grandfather. They are probably here to find him. So, are you scared?’ he asked.

‘No’. Somehow I wasn’t afraid.

The streets where sort of deserted besides the few people that ran out of the station and the homeless man who was still begging.

‘I don’t get why people are running out of the train station wouldn’t it be safer to stay inside’. I said.

He lifted up his shoulders.

‘I never understood humans’ he said while shaking his head.

‘Celeste!’ I turned to see my mother coming towards us.

We heard a scream coming from the station when my mother had reached us. We all stood there looking at a group of men. They were wearing the same tight black uniforms with a dark blue vertical stripe across their body. Some were holding some sort of weapon. Two others were holding a chubby man pleading to be freed.

I recognized him instantly. He is the clock store owner. They were only a few feet away from us.

‘I’m not a traitor! I was trying to help you!’. The owner screamed.

‘There they are!’. The clock store owner said as he pointed at us. ‘I gave the clock to them!’.

‘Got to go’. Evan said as he disappeared in thin air. I had no time to contemplate what just happened when my mother grabbed my wrist and we were gone.