Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will

I’m afraid of myself. I’m afraid of my abilities and inabilities. I’m afraid of failure and success. I now realize that being afraid of these things is completely unnecessary .

Instead of failing or succeeding in the things that I want to do most, I do nothing. Without even knowing what could happen.

I have always considered failing a weakness. I thought that if I didn’t try I couldn’t fail. I have heard people say that you can learn from your own failures. But not trying to do the things that I wanted meant, I couldn’t learn anything from it.

Opportunities have been handed to me so easily in life. Most people don’t get second chances I have gotten tens, and still said ‘No, Thank you’. Saying it had almost become a habit.

I have decided to accept opportunities now. Seeing as it might take me to achieve greater things. Someday opportunities might stop coming in, by then I should be happy I have already accepted at least one.

Aini Alem

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