Rise of the fallen; Chapter 4

I blinked and our surroundings had changed. I dropped on my knees and my mother followed. ‘Everything is going to be alright’ she said while she hugged me.

‘You have to get yourself together, Everything is going to change now’, my mother whispered.

I looked around us when my mother and I gotten up. We were standing in front of the senior citizens home my grandfather lives at. We came here every week. In the far distance I could see the spaceship hovering in the sky.

-Are they really here to find grandpa-.

I was worried. I don’t remember a time that my grandfather didn’t live here. He was 91 years old, but he insisted he was 71. He fought in many wars and couldn’t move around without his wheelchair.

‘I’m going to call dad and look for grandpa. I will meet you later at the lounge’. My mother said as we walked past the front door.

I couldn’t even remember how we got here. I just blinked and here we are. It amazes me how many secrets my parents have, and keep a straight face when talking to me.

-Did my mother know this was going to happen? She always knows when to show up. And my dad telling me he changed the locks of my home, but in fact didn’t. Did he take my clock?. This was all so confusing why was this all happening-.

I grabbed my phone out of my bag as it indicated a message.

-‘Where are you?, did you see that thing hovering over the city’-. Rebecca said.

-‘I’m at an elderly home visiting my grandfather. Did you get out of the train?’-I responded back while I walked into the lounge.

It was clear to me these old folks didn’t have a clue as to what was going on outside. They didn’t have a care in the world. They played chess, cards and watched the news. Did they know what they were watching. I wondered when I walked closer to the TV. The train Rebecca was in was still stuck. The newscaster mentioned all of the trains in the entire country couldn’t ride any further. They believed it was the spaceship that caused it. A total of 13 spaceships where spotted all across the world.

My phone vibrated and I read Rebecca’s message.

-‘No, I got out of the train a while ago’-.

I looked back at the TV and then back at her message.

– I guess she got out earlier- I thought.

‘Turn the volume up!’ an old man shouted as he kept calling for one of the staff to help him. An old lady sitting beside him grabbed the remote from the table and turned on the volume. I noticed I hadn’t seen any nurses since I got here. –Were they on a break or did they leave?-

I walked into the hallway to see if I could find anyone. ‘Hello!’, I called out. I could only hear the television in the main room . There were no nurses at the front desk. It was completely deserted until I saw Rebecca running in the hallway towards me. I was surprised to see her. –How did she get here so quickly- I thought.

‘Hey?’, I said. She stopped running when she reached me. ‘You got here fast’ I said.

‘Where are your parents?’

‘My parents? I don’t remember telling you I came with my parents. Why would you think they’re here?’

I never told her where this place was. How could she get out of the train and here in mere seconds? How was this possible. Unless she did what Evan and my mom had done when we were at the station.

‘Good Guess’ she said with a smile. She grabbed me by my throat and pushed me against the wall. Her grip on me was so strong that my last breath had already escaped my lunges.

‘Tell me where they are!’ She screamed. I tried wringing her hands away from my neck when she suddenly lifted me up in the air.

‘Tell me now!’ I was struggling with breathing so speaking was impossible. I kicked her and slammed her nose with the palm of my hand. She stumbled backwards and held the collar of my dress loosely. I figured this was the time for me to make a run for it. I pushed her hands away and ran.