I’m sitting on the couch at my parents house. Spring has arrived and I want to go take a walk in the park. Usually I would go with my dad because he likes taking a walk. However today I had this urge to go alone. The park is only a 2 minute walk from my parents house. The flowers are in bloom and I hear birds chirping. The chirping birds sound like music to my ears and it’s pulling me closer. I walk towards the sound it is coming from the park. I see a luxurious light blue car slowly driving out of the park. When I walk closer I noticed the music coming from the car. It’s a children’s lullaby.

There is an old man sitting inside de car wearing a suit and a hat. I am assuming he is a driver because it looks like he is wearing a uniform. The man keeps looking at the back seat as if carrying precious cargo. I stand still as the car passes by me. I am curious to see who is in the back seat. When I look closer, I see a glass box with a light blue silk pillow inside. On the pillow were many sparkling diamonds, reflecting in the sun’s light.

The last thing I remember is going to my parents house and telling my brother what I had seen.

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