Neon blue

A voice awakens me. My sight is still blurry but I don’t mind it. If I close my eyes again it will be easier to go back to sleep. I hear the same voice again. –Who is that? Let me sleep-. It’s the first day of the new year. I feel like I deserve to sleep-in today. I have been working a lot lately. And I slept later than usual, because last night was new years eve. –Is someone calling me?-. I know I stayed over at my parents house, but it doesn’t sound like them. -And what is that voice saying-. I try to move my head towards the voice but I can’t. I try to move my body but I am still in the same position laying on my back in parents guest bedroom. The voice more clear now saying my name “Mebrat, Mebrat” An unfamiliar voice in a familiar place. -I know where this is going-. I have been in this position before many times as a child. This dark shadow always looms near me, captures me in its suffocating hold. I cant scream, I can’t move, and it hurts. However i don’t see the dark shadow this time. The feeling of fear is also not present. I am mostly annoyed this voice is keeping me awake. A different voice appears, a more calm and soft voice. I looked in its direction. It is a sight to behold. A neon blue light in the shape of i’m not sure what. It is as if a child had drawn it in thin air. -“where are you going?”- it said. I’m not having it today. –I am not going to let my year start like this. No, no, no, f*ck off! Go away!-. I said in my mind. –i’m not dealing with this!-. It always ends in a bad way. Even though it feels real, looks real. -This has to be a dream-.I somehow manage to move my body all the way to the left and when I look back, the neon blue drawing is gone.

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