Rise of the fallen; Chapter 5

Rebecca’s scream echoed in the empty hallway. I ran around the corner and at the end of the hallway I saw my grandfather in his wheelchair. I ran towards him.

‘Grandpa!, grandpa… we have to get out of here!’

He looked at me with his usual smile. When I reached him I tried pushing the wheelchair but it seemed to be stuck. ‘Grandpa, what’s wrong with this thing we have to go. Rebecca, my classmate just tried to kill me’.

I started wiggling his wheelchair but nothing seemed to work.

Rebecca appeared from around the corner. Her body language said it all. Her hands in  tight fists along her body. She was ready to fight. She stood still as if she were waiting for a response from us. she bowed her head and when she raised it she smiled.

‘Mom!’, I yelled into the hallway.

My grandfather’s room was just around the corner. –I’m sure she can hear me. Maybe my mom can use that disappearing act she did before.-

‘It’s ok’. He said as he touched my hand.

‘I have been stuck in this wheelchair for too long’. He pushed himself out of his wheelchair with ease. I never realised how tall my grandfather was, until he got out of his wheelchair. With his back still bended and his grey blanket covering his shoulders he looked so old and fragile.

‘Grandpa I’m telling you she is dangerous’.

‘Stand back’ he said as he waved me to stand against the wall. I didn’t of course. I get that he fought in many wars but he couldn’t even remember what year that happened. My old man is gonna die if I don’t do something.

My grandfather removed the grey blanket that always covers his body and threw it on his wheelchair. He was breathing heavy and yelled ‘Senkai!’.

My grandfather straightened his back and his body somehow grew with muscles. His usual wrinkly face was smooth.

I stumbled and leaned against the wall. I had never seen such a thing. With the way he looked right know he could go for a very tall, very muscular 60 year old. With a deep and strong voice he said, ‘I am Dem, warrior of Senkai. I command you to leave!’

Rebecca just laughed. A high pitched laugh that gave me chills. She swayed her body left and right she seemed drunk with crazy. Her usual straight blond hair looked messy, and was static. Sparks of electricity would pop from her hair.

‘A warrior’ She said. ‘All of them returned to Senkai after the calling. You’re not a warrior, you’re a fugitive. You will die in front of the gates of Senkai at the hands of Banzier’.

My mother appeared from behind my grandfather. It was the first time I had seen what it looked like when my mother appears from what I thought was thin air. It looked like some sort of portal made of crystals and my mother just walked out of it.  She waved her hand towards Rebecca. Rebecca’s body flew into the air and smashed into the wall behind her. She fell on the ground unmoving. –She was definitely unconscious-.

‘Seriously’, my grandfather said. ‘I wanted to show Celeste what I can do’.

‘Dad, we have no time for games. Lets go before she wakes up’ my mother said.

My mother grabbed my hand and the three of us walked to my grandfather’s room. I didn’t know what to say. –My mother has magical powers, and my grandfather too. What about dad or my brother. Can I do that as well-. The thought alone gave me chills.

I followed my mother into my grandfather’s room. It was a small all white room. My dad and Evan were standing by the window. They seemed to be in a heated discussion but when they noticed us come in, their discussion ended.  

‘we need to leave, they’re onto us’, my mother said.

‘Celeste’s classmate is here, she mentioned Banzier she might be one of them’ my grandfather said. ‘Lets go to the camping hideout. They won’t be able to trace us when we’re there’ he continued. My father, mother and Evan agreed.

My mother looked at me and squeezed my hand. I could see all the crystals appear around her and myself. They were purple and turned into a beautiful green. The crystals had changed our surroundings and we were standing in the woods.