Rise of the fallen ; Chapter 8

I look around me. -I don’t see them. I hope it stays that way-. I lean against the emergency exit and close my eyes. Breathing in nature calmed my nerves. I felt like I was running circles in my mind. So much has happened in the last few hours. –No wonder I was always the youngest at camp. They couldn’t have any kids. We are all from another world. This means I am an alien. And Ellis Riggins is one too. I would have never guessed. I didn’t like the way she talked to my parents-.

I died as a child. My mother let me drink from the river of life so I would live again. And it worked-. I’m assuming she was talking about me. My mother never gave birth to my brother. He was adopted, at least that is what I heard my mom and dad talk about when I was about 8 years old. But I could have guessed it, he looked nothing like us. We were all black, Jamal was not. But regardless he was my brother. I shook my head. I wonder when he will arrive. –I want to ask him if he knows about any of this-. Jamal is 5 years older that me. Perhaps he knows about my death, our family being fugitives Senkai, Banzier.

I hear a chuckle and my heart leaps. I open my eyes and in front of me are Eli, Ruth and Marisol. I quickly get up.                                                                                                               ‘We have been waiting for you’ Eli said. Eli was the kid I hit about 5 years ago. He was only one year older that me. He had an oval shaped face and a buzz cut. He always wore black denim trousers, a band t-shirt and biker boots. Even in this hot summer weather. His twin Omar looked identical to him. Even their personalities were the same. The only differences between them were their band t-shirts and their facial expressions. Eli looked angry 24/7 he even had 2 lines on his forehead to accompany that. Omar however looked friendly. If he didn’t speak anyone would have thought he would be more gentle and kinder than Eli. But that was not the case. They were equally cruel just like the others.

´We have a surprise for you. This might be the last time we see each other´. He said with a smile on his face. Ruth and Marisol were giggling amongst themselves. Ruth was a tall skinny girl she had short brown straight hair. She worked as a model, or so she said. I googled her once. -Nothing-. And Marisol was just as tall but curvy. She had a round face with freckles. I once overheard her say, that she purposely covered her face with her long blond hair and bangs. She said it made her face look slim.

Marisol and Ruth were always the ones to take me to the woods. They always had someone to help them. The first time I came to camp I was quite friendly with them. They were very kind and told me they wanted to show me something in the woods. Little did I know what horror awaited me. Today will not be another one of those days. I refuse to accept this as my fate. My grandfather made sure I knew how to defend myself. I had won many awards over the years. I just never believed in actually using it besides in competitions. I didn’t want to cause any problems for my parents. And I was scared. Scared of what I could do to someone. I didn’t want to hurt anybody. Even if it was to defend myself.

Eli walked in front of me towards the woods. Marisol and Ruth were a few steps behind me pushing me forward every once in awhile.                                                                            I turned to face them and said; ‘I´m having a fucked up day! try me!’ Their eyes grew with surprise and they stepped back.                                                                                                  ‘Hey! keep walking’ Eli said.                                                                                                               I turned around and took the lead. We always went to the same place. I’m sure today wouldn’t be any different. They were always at the campfire. They always lit the fire even during daylight. I saw them in the distance they were huddled together facing the fire with their backs towards mine. –I will defend myself by any means necessary-. I stopped walking. Eli, Marisol and Ruth walked around me and joined the others.

‘You’re here. That took you awhile’. A girls voice said from the crowd. The crowd dispersed and there she was. -Rebecca-. She was poking the fire with a fire iron. She took out the fire iron and raised it. It was glowing red.                                                                                    ‘We have decided to brand you today. It might hurt’.