Rise of the fallen; Chapter 6

‘Let’s go, it’s this way’ My mother said. My mother let go of my hand and she walked away. ‘So what!.. no one’s gonna explain this to me. What’s going on?’ I said. -They can’t just expect me to not have any questions about this-. ‘Rebecca tried to kill me, grandpa looks like he could win a kickboxing match. That spaceship…’ I said as I pointed out into the far distance. ‘Oh… and let’s not forget we just magically appeared in the woods. What is going on?’ –I need an explanation for all of this-.                                                                                     ‘I have always been this strong’ My grandfather said as he flexed his arms. ‘Dad…’ my mother said. ‘We should get to the gate first. We will be safe there. They can’t track us when we arrive in a safe haven. We will explain everything. I promise’.                                    ‘Your scar is gone’. My dad said as he pointed at my face. -way to change the subject dad- ‘Of Course it is’. my mom said. –I guess I didn’t fall that hard at the train station-.         I touched my face and couldn’t feel any unevenness on it. I followed my family and Evan to the gate. Evan kept making glances at me he seemed upset. -Or was it worry-.

When we arrived at the gate I was astound. –Really this is the gate. The safe haven-. An arch with big colorful letters said Happy space camp. My family came here every summer till this day. We even had plans to go again this year. I didn’t want to come here though, I hated this place. I couldn’t get along with the other teenagers that came with their families. They always had it out for me. They would gather together when the parents had their meetings in the canteen. At least four of them would find me minding my business. They would literally drag me into the woods. Once there, they would push me onto my knees and throw objects at me that they had found in the woods. They always told me to apologise but till this day I don’t know what for. Of Course I didn’t I had nothing to apologise for. Don’t get me wrong, I knew how to fight back and I can stick up for myself but there were just too many of them. One time I was in the woods with a boy. He had thrown a rock at me. It scratched my forehead and I bled quite a lot. I beat him up. It was easy too, I didn’t use that many skills. My grandfather made sure I knew how to fight. He said it would give me confidence.

As soon as the other kids heard I had beaten someone up they would drag me back into the woods. Somehow I could never find my brother when it happened. I could only tell him what happened after it happened. He would show up at the end and get so mad. They were all afraid of my brother. However that fear didn’t stop them from bullying me. I made sure to follow my brother around but somehow I always lost him. -Perhaps he knows how to do that trick with the crystals-.

The camp looked deserted. The families usually gather in august for 2 weeks.When we walked inside the gate. It felt like walking through a transparent blanket. It was such a strange feeling. Once inside it was bustling with people it was so loud and crowded. Just like I remember the first day of camp was. But this time around they looked angry, confused or in despair.

A short man dressed in a grey suit rushed to my grandfather. He made a 90 degree bow. ‘Mr Dem a Banzier aircraft was spotted in your City. How is it possible that they found us here on earth’ he said.                                                                                                                ‘Fred susman’ my grandfather said as he greeted him with a slight nod. ‘It was a clock store owner at the train station. He sold a clock to my daughter it had a tracker in it’.          ‘What will our direction be Mr Dem. Do you think they will sound the calling. I don’t think im ready to go back’. He said as he rubbed his hands together. ‘Going back is inevitable now. We should have a meeting in the canteen. Gather everyone’. my grandfather said to him as he walked passed him towards the canteen.                                                                    ‘I didn’t see you there’ Fred said said as he looked at my parents. He gave my parents a forced smile and started gathering people for the meeting.

-Surely they would allow me to be present during this meeting. I’m curious to find out more and I don’t want to be out here with the others-. So I followed my grandfather. ‘Stay here’ my mother said. ‘Your brother will be here shortly he will be the one to explain everything to you. And Evan! Stay away from Celeste’. He raised his shoulders and sat down in one of the picnic chairs. I was standing near the entrance of the canteen the parents rushed into the room. I wasn’t ready for what was about to happen I felt numb. Fred Susman gave me one nasty glare before he slammed the door shut. For a few seconds it was so quiet. Too quiet. I slowly turned around and there they were a group of 30 or so teens and young adults. They were all smiling at me as if to say welcome to hell.