Rise of the fallen; Chapter 7

-Not today, this is not how my day will go- I thought as I walked along the side of the building. -I’m just going to use the emergency exit to go inside the canteen. This way I don’t have to face these kids and can find out what is going on-. When I walked around the corner a few of them followed.

I opened the door and peeked inside. There was no one in the hallway. I walked inside and closed the door behind me. I walked over to the red double doors and pressed my right ear against it. -I heard nothing-. I decided to go up the stairs to the second floor. It had a small balcony. My grandfather used to have his meals there with some other people. –Hopefully, no one will be there and I can have a good view of this meeting-. I slightly opened the door and to my surprise it was empty.  I looked down and saw my grandfather standing nearest to the entrance. There were 4 people standing beside him. Everyone else was sitting in chairs facing them. They had moved all the tables to the side. I got on my hands and knees and crawled over to the railing. I sat there and listen to my grandfather speak.

‘These safe havens wont be safe for long’.

’Will we be able to hear the calling inside the safe haven’. A young woman said. ‘We cannot be seen from outside of the safe haven and we cannot use our strengths while we are inside’.

‘No one can escape the calling’ my grandfather said. ‘This sound is not something anyone can live with. I have only heard it once. It will draw you to the nearest transport. There you will be able to arrive home. Or…. some of us will’.

‘In the 17 years that we have been here. No one has been able to conceive a child on earth. Including my husband and I’. the same woman said. ‘When the calling is sound my husband and I will be first in line to return home’.  Some people in the canteen agreed and cheered while others didn’t.

A tall man wearing a train conductor’s uniform stood up from his seat and said, ‘Surely, Banzier being on earth means there is peace and it is safe for us to return. Why else would they come to collect us’.

‘It is unclear in what state our world is in now’ My grandfather said. ‘However we all know how we left it. Banzier was only a small political group with hardly any power. And now they are here collecting. Something only Senkai used to do. -Hearing my grandfather speak seemed like he knew all the answers-.

Another man got up from his seat and pointed at my grandfather. This man was Zander Wood. He like Fred Susman always gave me nasty glares. He seemed filled with rage this time and his voice reflected that.Senkai retreated after the murder of the king!, the death of the crown princess and the disappearing of her newborn son. I always wanted to ask you… how come you’re here. You just said, as a Senkai warrior you heard the calling. Shouldn’t you have returned to Senkai’.

‘I did’ my grandfather said.

‘But now you are here’ Zander wood said as he pointed at the ground.

‘And now I am here’ My grandfather seemed so calm and collected as he said those words.

‘It doesn’t matter’. A woman wearing a suit stood up from her seat while Zander Wood sat down. –I think I have seen her on the news before. Isn’t that Ellis Riggins the journalist. ‘They cannot do anything to Senkai warriors, besides returning them to Senkai. I am almost certain they are here for the two of you’. She said while looking at my parents. They were sitting in the second row. My mother was clutching my father’s arm.

‘The guardian of a newborn crown prince. You have left your position by having a child of your own. Something you know is against the guardian rules. Senkai would have protected us against all evil if only an heir was still alive. So for all we know Senkai retreated because the last heir is dead’.

‘To that, I have nothing to say’ my father said as he bowed his head in shame. ‘When the time comes I will accept my punishment in full’. My mother shook her head.

Ellis Riggins walked away from her seat and stood in front of my grandfather. She faced the crowd of people and continued ‘If you didn’t have a child, your wife would not have dried up the River of life. She was the one that let her dead child drink from the river. When she realised that the River of life only heals the living she bathed her child in it. And by giving life to your child the river dried up. They are the cause of these events! This can all be solved when we tell Banzier your….’

Their voices drowned out when I felt a hand on my shoulder. Fred Susman stood there beside me. He signald me to get out of the room. He held me by my upper arm and guided me down the stairs. He pushed me out of the emergency exit and said, ‘Good luck’.  

And there I was. The place that held memories of horror. I stood there with the woods as my view. I didn’t see the others. I sat down on the steps thinking about what I just heard.