I was uncomfortable in this position. I was laying on a wooden platform about 30 meters from the ground. I was in between my colleagues, pretending to sleep. I raised my head to see if they were asleep. I knew I wasn’t cut out for the army, I needed to get out of this place. These were difficult times. We had no choice but to be drafted. We were dropped in this zone with about 85 men. This used to be a government research facility. But it looked more like a giant playground in the woods. Apparently something went wrong 2 weeks ago. And everyone above 18 that lived closest to the research facility had to sign up to be drafted. Some were lucky enough to not get picked. We didn’t even get basic training. They just threw a gun in our hands and told us to protect this area from invasion. We don’t even know what we are protecting against. I’m sure our commander has no clue either he was also drafted 2 weeks ago.

I slowly got up from the platform and started maneuvering along the sleeping bodies to get to the stairs. There was no handrailing to hold on to. The sky is a beautiful pink, blue and red. One of the soldiers turns and I fall of the platform. I quickly grab hold of the bottom part of the platform. I silently sigh deeply as my heart continues to race. When I look up I see fighter jets flying above us. The sirin goes of and the soldiers awaken. The trees surrounding us shake. I hear an awful sound coming from the woods. I look up and see my colleagues on the platform running. I notice a space underneath the platform where I can hide. I pull myself up and hide inside the space below the platform. I won’t get caught here. As morning arrives and many soldiers have lost their lives. I sit here holding my breath, hoping I won’t get noticed while the enemy walks on the platform.