I am swimming in the sea. I can see the beach in the distance it is crowded with people. When I look down into the water I can see my legs. The water is an almost clear blue. The sea is calm and there are no waves. I lay on my back and enjoy the way the water feels against my body, and the sun against my skin. I feel so light. The sky is a beautiful light blue, with fluffy clouds in different shapes.

Something brushes against my leg. I look down in the water and see something dark moving. I look around me to find the shore so I can swim back. However there is no land in sight. But what I do see is a fin right before it dives into the water. My heart is racing. Where can I go, what should I do. It touches my leg again. I look into the water. I see a dark shadow in the water right below my legs. It grows bigger and bigger, until I see the sharks teeth bite in my right leg.

I wake up and I am relieved it was all a dream. As I fidget in my bed, I notice the pain I felt when I was bitten was still present. What if it wasn’t a dream and I was really bitten. My heart was beating so fast. I pulled the covers off my legs. They were still there. I moved my right leg on its side and saw 2 bruises.