Rise of the fallen; Chapter 9

Rebecca’s voice made my flesh crawl. I met her in the beginning of this school year. She was always very kind towards me. Before I met her I always kept to myself. I believed she was my only friend. I had never seen this side of her.

I have already arrived in this situation I literally can’t run away from this. -Besides I’m not a fast runner. Eli and Omar will definitely outrun me-. They used to be short distance runners when we attended the same school. As well as some of the others.

-She tried to kill me and my grandfather-.

‘She is a Banzier’ I said pointing at rebecca. Rebecca’s laugh echoed in the forest. ‘Its Banzierians’ Omar said. ‘and so are, Ruth, Marisol, james and so many others, including your brother’ Omar continued.

I saw Omar’s signal too late. And before I knew it, I was on my knees being held down by James and 2 other guys I had not met before. I struggled to get out of their hold on me.

‘Hey! leave her alone!’ a woman’s voice echoed in the forest.

We all looked at where the voice came from. But there was no one in that direction.

‘Yeah, you guys. Get away from…!’

-Who is saying that?- I thought to myself.

‘That’s not creepy at all’ Marisol said.

‘Where did that come from?’ Ruth said as she clutched onto Marisol’s arm.’I thought that was the edge of the seal’.

‘It doesn’t matter!’ Rebecca said. ‘Where should I mark you’. she said as she walked towards me. ‘Your forehead seems to have enough space for it’ she said when she pulled my hair back.

-What am I supposed to do now-.

‘Are you scared?’ I heard someone say.

I looked behind me and saw a glimpse of Evan leaning against a tree.

‘Branding someone sounds interesting’. He said when he walked towards us.

‘Can I join?’ he continued.

My brother walked from behind Evan.

‘Get in line’ Omar said.

‘I was thinking we’, Evan said pointing at himself and my brother. ‘Should brand you. See.., he doesn’t burn well. It wouldn’t leave a trace. And I… well …I just don’t want to get branded today’, he said smiling.

He stopped walking and my brother joined beside him.

‘You think we are afraid of you’, Omar said. ‘You are just as powerless in here as we are’

I remembered a woman in the canteen saying that no one can use their strength inside the safe haven. -They can’t do anything to me that I can’t do to them-.

Eli walked toward Rebecca and grabbed the hot fire iron from her.

‘Get them!’ Eli yelled.

I got jumped. I pushed and punched but there were too many of them. They let me go all at once. And When I looked up all I could see was Eli hitting the fire iron onto my head. I heard a loud pop and fell onto the ground.

I felt numb for a moment. I just heard a ringing sound. My eyesight was blurry. Our surroundings had darkened it looked as if night had fallen. I wiped my face with the collar of my dress. And saw that I was covered in blood.

‘Get up Celeste!, we need to get out of here’. Evan yelled as he held onto my shoulders, trying to help me off the ground. It was still dark in the woods. When I looked up to the sky, I could see what caused the darkness. They had found us.