Rise of the fallen; Chapter 10

There were purple crystals around the spaceship in the sky and a few around us. The soldiers of the Banzierian army would jump out of the spaceship and into the purple crystals. They would jump out of the crystal portals that were closer to the ground. They had their guns drawn and were shooting at all of us. The seal that was protecting us had broken. My brother was standing in front of Evan and I. 

-Am I seeing things?- I thought as I continued to wipe the blood from eyes.

Jamal’s arms were raised in front of him and on fire.

‘Jamal!’ I yelled as fire shot from his arms towards a soldier. The soldier fell onto the ground dropping his gun. 

‘He is fine’ Evan said. ‘He is doing that to himself. You need to get up. We must warn your family’ he continued as he helped me get up from the ground. It felt like the ground was shaking. 

‘Jamal more of them are coming’ Evan said. 

I looked around me and saw them shooting people with their guns. They dragged their bodies away by their feet and into the portals. There were many bodies around us on the ground. Marisol, James, Razim. -Are they dead?- 

‘Isn’t that Kasy’ I whispered when I walked over. I stood there hovering over his body. He was lying on his back. His eyes where open he looked scared. –Why is he not moving?-. 

‘Kasey?’, I said as I shook his body. –What the hell is going on. Can’t they just ask if we want to come voluntarily. They won’t have to shoot at us-. I thought to myself. 

I looked up at the spaceship, it was flickering.  In some moments it even looked see through. –Is that why we didn’t see them. They could have been above us all along-.

‘Evan!’, my brother yelled.

‘There are too many’. Evan responded. ‘I can only do one at a time’ he said. 

Evan had to only look at one of them and they would fall onto the ground as if to sleep. 

Jamal jumped over kasy’s body, grabbed my arm and pulled me with him.

‘Let’s go’ he said as we ran in the woods towards the camp.

‘My powers don’t work on all of them. I think some of them are protected. They might have a seal!’. Evan yelled as he ran beside us.

Jamal raised his hand and fire burst out of it in to the men that were running after us. It burned the trees, protecting us from their attack. 

It held back some of them but not all. Some of the soldiers just jumped through the fire and ran towards us while shooting. Jamal’s hands were warm, hot even.

‘Can’t we just do that disappearing thing’. I asked 

‘We don’t know what the situation is there’ Jamal said. 

We stopped abruptly when Rebecca appeared in front of us. -What do we do now- I thought to myself. She looked like she had been hit by a car. Her hair was messy her t-shirt ripped and she was completely covered in blood. She crept closer to us. ‘Give her to me’ she said as she waved her hand for me to come to her.

Jamal let go of my hand and stood in front of me. His hands flared up. 

‘Give her to me. I will be rewarded for bringing a fugitive’ Rebecca said. 

A firm No! is all that Jamal said. 

Rebecca’s body swayed as she walked closer to us.

Five Banzierian soldiers had reached us. They aimed there guns at our backs. -Is this how it ends-.

Her hair started glowing with what I previously believed was electricity. They were glowing drops of water that moved through her hair and popped. 

‘The kingdom has fallen because of her and her parents!’, She screamed. ‘I will not lay a hand on the son of Banzier! But she… She has to die’. 

‘She has nothing to do with any of this. She has no strengths!’ Jamal said.

She smiled.

‘That will make it easier for me to kill her’. 

Water formed around her body when she made a move to run towards us. In a swift movement, Jamal took a big step around me and his arms burst fire to the five soldiers standing behind us. In that same moment Evan’s hand was aimed at Rebecca. He closed his hand into a fist. Rebecca’s body became paralyzed. She dropped to the ground and layed in a puddle of her own water.

‘Run!’ Jamal yelled.