Rise of the fallen ; Chapter 11

We had gotten to the camp. They were not following us anymore.

‘This way’ , Evan said as we quietly walked towards a tree. Next to the tree was a bush. It was large enough for the three of us to hide behind without being noticed. 

‘We are too late’. Evan whispered. The soldiers had arrived before us, they had surrounded the cafeteria entrance as well as the side entrance. The one I had used to sneak into the cafeteria earlier in the day. My mother was one of the first to walk out of the main entrance. She had created a seal around herself and the people that followed her. There were about two dozen soldiers standing around the main entrance. 

My mother’s lips were moving. She was saying something but we couldn’t hear anything. It was so quiet.  The soldiers walked closer to the seal.

‘When she unleashes the seal we fight’. Jamal said. I look at him and Evan they seemed to be determined with their decision. 

‘You should stay here so I know where you are when it’s time to leave. We need to save as many creatures as we can. Get ready’ he said while positioning his weight to his right leg he looked like he was preparing to take a sprint. 


My mother let go of the seal. And as soon as she did the crowd dispersed. Evan and Jamal made their way to the cafeteria and fire erupted from Jamal’s hands as he hit the Banzierian soldiers with full force. The people were running wild as if not knowing where to go. The soldiers were shooting at them. Once it hit someone they would feel numb and fall onto the ground. I saw Zander wood grab the hands of two people that were on the ground and disappearing in his crystals. Ellis Riggins the reporter for the news interlocked her arms with a few others and disappeared as well. 

My mother’s strength seemed like some kind of forcefield. She moved her hands as if playing with the wind. Grabbing the wind and aiming it towards the Banzierian soldiers. A gust of wind would push them onto the ground. But the soldiers would get back up to continue their fight.

A blast of wind is what I felt when the spaceship above flickered and became visible. It was a scary sight. I imagined it being as big as a soccer stadium. It was dark, with 3 blue stripes at the bottom. It was scary to know that the spaceship was above us and we were not able to see it. How long had it been there. Crystals appeared around the cafeteria and Banzierian soldiers came out of it shooting. 

‘The kids where are they?’. A woman screamed. she was laying on the ground and Jamal was helping her up.

‘They took them’, Jamal said. ‘You need to leave’, Jamal said.

Fred Susman appeared from behind a pile of firewood next to the side entrance. He rushed towards Jamal and the woman and held her by her shoulder. ‘I will take her’, he said as crystals surrounded them. Jamal moved away from them as they disappeared. 


Something I had noticed at that moment was that the ground wasn’t shaking. It was me. My fear had taken over. I couldn’t stop it. There was nothing I could do. The tree I was sitting next to got hit and was falling down. I got up and ran through the fighting crowd. Perhaps not the best direction to run towards. But the adrenaline rushing through my body got me confused. I screamed and ducked on the ground protecting my head. I knew full well that wasn’t going to do anything for me. But I awaited the tree hitting on my back. For a long moment nothing happened. It was quiet I could only hear my own breathing.

‘Celeste, are you alright?’.

‘Mom?’ I said. I looked up and saw my mother, I felt so relieved. We were under her seal. She had her arms raised above her head. She was holding the seal in place. It looked like a blue dome. The tree had crashed on it and was slowly sliding off.

I  could see blue sparks in the spots where the soldiers were hitting the seal but it wasn’t getting trough. The seal my mother created protected us.

‘You need to get to your brother. We will find you later when it is safe. He is over there’ she said as she nodded towards the direction he was in.

 I looked and saw glimpses of my brother in the distance.

‘When I release the seal, you must run as fast at you can. Don’t stop’. she said.

 I nod. My heart was beating so fast, I couldn’t calm myself down.

‘Go!’ My mother yelled. She released the seal. The seal popped like a balloon. All the sounds returned and with a force it slapped me in the face. I almost tripped  because of it, but had gotten a hold of myself and ran towards my brother. The ground right before my feet got hit and I fell onto the ground. -Oh no, how will I get out of this- I thought. I turned my head when I heard a loud roar.

My grandfather stood beside me and roared. He stomped his feet on the ground. Cracks formed on the ground towards every soldier that was there. And with his second stomp the Banzierian soldiers surrounding us flew 2 meters above the ground and landed on their backs. My grandfather didn’t look like his usual self. His muscles were immense, his veins popping blue. He was almost unrecognisable. Just a look from my grandfather was enough. I knew what I had to do. I got up from the ground and ran straight into Jamal and Evan’s crystals.