Rise of the fallen; Chapter 12

Evan walked around myself and Jamal looking in the far distance. I dropped onto the ground and leaned against a tree. My head was spinning. We were still in the woods. –Perhaps a different part of the woods,  or a different forest?-

‘I’m not sensing anyone, we are alone’. Evan said. 

‘Are you alright?’ my brother asked as he kneeled beside me and held my face taking a closer look at my forehead.

‘You’re still bleeding’ he said.

‘I’m tired and dizzy’ I said while closing my eyes. It felt kind of like the first day of having box braids in your hair. It felt tight and I could feel my heart beating in my head. 

I could hear Jamal sigh deeply. When I reopened my eyes I saw that he had turned his back towards me. 

‘Don’t seal our surroundings’. He said as he got up. ‘I won’t be able to find you’. Crystals appeared and Jamal started walking towards it. ‘I’ll be right back’.

‘Jamal!, you cannot leave’ Evan yelled. ‘I’ll go instead. You don’t know where they are. You might be appearing in an ambush’ Evan said as he walked over to where Jamal was.

My brother turned and said ‘Don’t make a seal’. 

Evan rushed to Jamal but he and his crystals where gone. I layed there with blood all over my clothes and face. I couldn’t grasp what was going on. It was all too much. My head was still throbbing. I didn’t even want to think about the wound that was on my head. I closed my eyes again and fell asleep.


I woke up to my brother sitting next to me on the ground. He was talking to Evan. I could see Evan pacing back and forth. 

‘I have told her parents about it. But they told me it was impossible. They probably kicked me out because I found out the truth. That blow to the head with a burning fire iron I might add, it should have killed her or at least injured. She doesn’t even leave a scar. How would they explain that. I  mean look at her’. He said pointing at me. Evan’s eyes grew as they met mine. 

‘What’s going on?’ I said with a hoarse voice. “What are you two talking about?”

‘Are you alright?” My brother asked.

‘Yeah, i’m ok’ I said as I touched my forehead. The blood that soaked my head and face before was dry. But surprisingly didn’t hurt.

‘Here I got you a clean towel. There is a stream that way, you can clean yourself up with that’. My brother said. ‘It’s safe’.

‘You lost a lot of blood’ Jamal said. I noticed Evan continued his pacing. 

‘Is something wrong?’ I asked. My brother looked at Evan and he stopped his pace.

‘It’s nothing, we were just worried about you’ Jamal said. ‘Are you feeling better’.

‘Yeah, I think so. What just happened? and why are you all wet?’  I said. It looked like jamal had jumped into a river or something. He was completely drenched in water.

‘Get cleaned up first. I will tell you everything you want to know. I promise. Also,…’ Jamal whistled and from the trees I saw Siem running towards us. 

‘Siem!’ I called. ‘What are you doing here?’ I said as I cuddled him tightly. ‘Won’t he get lost if we take him to unfamiliar places’. 

‘Don’t worry, he’ll know where to go’ Jamal said.

 Siem arched his back and hissed at Evan. 

‘I don’t think he likes you’ I said. 

Evan shrugged ‘The feelings are mutual. I will look for some wood’ he said as he walked of. 

‘It’s already past 8 so we’ll be staying here for tonight. I brought some sleeping bags. That  one’s for you’. He pointed at a green sleeping bag laid out on the ground. ‘Clean yourself up. I’m going to help Evan’.


I sat on a big rock next to the stream of water. Siem was playing with the small fish that were jumping out of the water. I struggled with getting the blood stains out of my dress. My brother had brought me a tracksuit but it was still a bit wet. I wore it anyways since I didn’t have anything else to wear. I wondered why my brother was drenched in water. What could have happened to him? I walked closer to the stream and splashed some water onto my face to rub the blood off. I was being careful not to hurt myself. I used my fingertips when I got closer to my forehead. I looked into the stream to see my reflection. I was shocked. I moved my hair away from my face to get a closer look at my forehead. The headwound I had gotten from the fire iron was gone. Including the scratch I got this morning when I fell onto the ground. What is going on. Was Evan talking about me. Is this my power? Can I heal myself? I imagined my head wound to be something terrible. But definitely not this. It was true I didn’t leave a scar. Not even a scratch. I checked my scarres from when I was a kid. That one time Marisol threw a rock at me. That must have left a mark on my shoulder. I took of my red jacket my brother had gotten me and looked at my shoulder. I kept rubbing it but I couldn’t feel or see a scar. Maybe it was my other shoulder? I thought as I looked at the other one. My heart started racing. Is this what I can do? I remembered another time I fell down the steps. Surely this must have left a scar. I needed 4 stitches on my knee. I had cried so much because getting the shot to numb the pain before getting the stiches, was more painful than the actual injury. I pulled up my trouser to get a closer look at my knees. I couldn’t find any marks on my kees. I looked at Siem who had stopped playing and was admiring me from close by. He crooked his head and meowed.  

A noise followed that came from the other side of the stream. A bush shook as I got up from the ground.

‘Who…who is there?’ I said. But I heard no response. It must have been the wind. The recent event might have made me paranoid. I kept hearing and seeing things I didn’t know if it was real or fake. I was still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. I sat back down on the rock and dried my face with the towel that was laying next to me. I heard that same noise again and quickly shot back up. I should have brought a weapon or something. The bush shook again and from it a deer’s head popped up. My heart leaped. For a moment I stood there paralyzed in place. 

‘Let’s get back’ I told Siem. ‘It’s getting dark outside. It’s always more scary when it’s dark outside’. I put my shoes and the jacket of my tracksuit on and walked towards the fire.