My younger brother and I are sitting next to each other in an airplane. We hear a loud scream coming from the front of the airplane. I look to see what’s going on.

The stewardess had taken of her blue jacket and threw it on the ground. Another stewardess arrives and she tries to calm her down. They take a few deep breaths together and the stewardess lets her go. She seemed to have calmed down. The other stewardess walks of. The stewardess stood there taking deep breaths while shaking her head. She turns and runs to the airplane door. She opens it and jumps out. 

Passengers are getting out of their seats and rushing towards the front of the plain. I look at my brother and he tells me to stay seated until it’s less crowded. 

I look to the front and most people seem to have left the airplane. We get up from our seats and walk towards the front. Some people were still sitting in their chairs they seemed to be sleeping. We jump out of the plane and on a field of grass. I put my backpack on and we started walking on the grass.

I look back at the airplane. I could see the front half of the plain. I looked around and near some houses was the back of the plain it was on fire.

We start looking around for help. We hear there is an ambulance post nearby for people that were in the plane crash. We walk to the otherside of the airplane and we see an ambulance and two paramedics. After arriving we ask if we can get treated. One of the paramedics tells us she finished her shift and we have to find our own way to the hospital to get checked. My brother and I take a bus to the nearest hospital. When we arrive my brother uses his bus card before me and checks out before stepping out of the bus. I use my bus card to check out but it’s not working. The bus driver closes the doors of the bus because he thinks everyone got of. I ask him to open the doors so I can get out. I use my card one last time and get out of the bus. When the bus drives away I look at my hands and realise I have two buscards in my hands. One belongs to me and one belongs to my brother. I don’t remember which one I used to check out.

At the hospital we get checked for any injuries. Afterwards we sit in a small room with 12 other plane crash survivors. The chairs are lined against the wall and on the right side there was a green two seater couch. There was a man lying on the couch. On the table are several bags of candy. One woman opens them and asks if I want try some. I say  “No, Thank you” and she lays a bunch of the candy on the table and I wonder how clean the table is. 

The conversation turned to getting compensation for the accident. We all wanted our flight money back and get these hospital treatments paid for. They explained that it is the airlines fault and that we will be compensated. I remembered hearing a scream  right before the plane crashed. One of the passengers tells us he has recorded everything and shows us a video on his phone. In the video we could clearly see the stewardess screaming and then fainting. Afterwards the plane crashes. (writers note; I don’t remember why but we all blame her for the crash). The stewardess confesses that she had been ill and decided to work. She believes it is her fault. Her brother who laid on the couch tells us that if the airline finds out we won’t get compensated. My brother and I both grab our phones and try to record her confession without getting caught. I whisper to my brother to turn of the sound first before recording. Somehow the phone makes a sound when you press the record button. I struggle with recording so I give up, hoping my brother has more luck with it.

I ask if we will get compensated if it’s the stewards fault. And the man lying on the couch says “No.” I tell them that perhaps it’s better to not even mention it. At that same moment I see a girl in the room that is holding up her phone. I wonder if she is recording like my brother and I had been. So I change my tune and tell everyone we should do the right thing and report it.