Out of body experience

It must be morning by know, I thought to myself. I took a slight peek through my lashes. It was still dark in my bedroom. My bed sheets printed with green palm leaves still covering my body. I should continue to sleep. Waking up in the middle of the night was something I was used to. But I would always fall back asleep. I might still have time left till my alarm goes off. 

I heard a male voice whispering to me  ‘You shouldn’t talk to your friends any more’. 

Who’s voice is this? I wonder. I don’t recognise this voice. I tried opening my eyes but could only see glimpses of night through my eyelashes. Who does he mean with friends? 

I tried to speak but my tongue felt numb.  I could see myself laying there, It was as though I was standing beside my bed. My tongue was sticking out of my mouth. It was a strange sight. How can I even see myself while my eyes are closed. Am I imagining this. The voice sounded so real though. If I try to speak with my tongue like that I might bite it. I put my finger against my tongue and pushed it back in. It felt wet and slippery. My tongue kept moving out of my mouth as soon as I pushed it in. My lips were dry and sensitive to the touch of my finger.

‘You shouldn’t talk to your friends anymore, ok?’ The male voice repeated. Music with heavy beats started playing loudly. It sounded like there were speakers laying on my pillow. Music played for 3 seconds and then it suddenly stopped.