Rise of the fallen; Chapter 13

Jamal and Evan were sitting by the campfire. I sat down on the empty green sleeping bag that had been laid out. 

‘So….are you going to tell me what’s going on’ I wondered as Siem jumped on my lap. 

‘Of Course’,  Jamal said. ‘We were waiting for you’ he continued as he threw another piece of wood onto the fire. ‘What do you want to know?’

‘Everything…’ I said. ‘How did we become fugitives?, where are we from? Is Banzier here to kill us?, is healing my strength? or power or however you want to call it’. I said leaning forward. ‘I want to know everything’.

‘I guess, I’ll start from the beginning’ Jamal said. 

“There are numerous worlds out there similar to Earth, ours is called Zandor. It has many kingdoms. Your family is from Senkai and so is Ban Zier’  he said shifting in his sleeping bag. 

‘When Ban Zier was born his mother took him to a local witch that could predict a creatures future abilities. When the witch told her he would not develop any abilities she rejected him. Creatures with no abilities are called Akra. Akra’s are treated poorly in Zandor. There has never been a place where Akra’s were seen as equal to other creatures. As Ban Zier grew older and saw how Akra’s were treated, he decided to create his own fate. He became the first and only doctor that could cure creatures without having an ability to heal. Because of this Ban Zier became favored by king Garun of Aja. King Garun gifted Ban Zier with a bit of land that he used to create Akra City. It was a safe place where Akra’s could live as equals. As more creatures heard of Akra City they decided to join him. His followers called themselves Banzierians. 

A few years passed and there were too many creatures that wanted to join his new City, but there was no space even after building buildings that reached the sky. They didn’t have enough space for everyone. So he built a Gezan. A spaceship is what they call it here. That is pretty much where I left everything’ he said. ‘Those spaceships could house 100 people max’ he said looking at the night sky  ‘But now I can’t even imagine how many Banzierians could fit in a Gezan like that’. 

‘Well, that’s everything I know about Banzierians’ he said ‘What else do you want to know?’.

‘Wait,wait wait’ Evan said waving his hands in front of him. ‘Your seriously going to skip the good part… the part where Ban zier is your Dad. And i’m your Guardian…’ Evan said proudly. ‘I’m sure she already knows your not her real brother. It’s not like your revealing some big secret’.

Siem jumped off my lap and hissed at Evan 

‘Hey! I’m just trying to save a life  here…’ he said as he raised a hand towards Siem. 

‘Don’t hurt him’ I said as I grabbed Siem and held him close to my chest. It looked as though he was about to attack Siem. 

Evan looked surprised by my demand.

‘Hurt him… Ha! If only you knew what you were holding’ he said laughing. 

I cuddled Siem and looked him in the eye. I  wondered what he meant by that. Siem is just a sweet cat 

Evan’s laugh died down. Probably because he was the only one laughing.

‘You know?… You being Ban Zier’s son could possibly save her life’ Evan said 

‘No, It won’t’ Jamal shook his head. ‘My father was never fond of the gifted’ he said.

-Do I need saving?- I thought. 

‘What about you?’ I said. ‘If your the son of Ban Zier than why were they attacking you?’

‘I’m not sure… a lot has happened right before we left Zandor’, Jamal said. 


‘We left when we were about 5 years old and at that time I myself didn’t know I received my mothers abilities until the moment we left Zandor. I always assumed I was an Akra like my father’ Jamal said. ‘They wouldn’t have been able to recognises me at first glance. I will have to show them my mark so they can see I am Banzierian’. Jamal rolled up the sleeve of his Grey tracksuit and took off his watch. His pale wrist started glowing. Three neon blue stripes revealed themselves. The stripe in the middle went right and the other two stripes went left. When Jamal twisted his wrist the three stripes connected on the other side. They were the same ones I saw on the Banzierian soldiers and on the spaceship.

‘I don’t know if my father is still in charge’ Jamal said. ‘Banzier was’t like this back then. Banzier was all for peace, they didn’t have weapons back then’. 

It was quiet for a moment as the branches continued to crackle in the hot fire.