Rise of the fallen; Chapter 14

‘So guardians…?’ I said to break the silence.

‘Yes Guardians, I know everything about guardians. I am one’ Evan said. sounding proud of himself. 

‘My mother entered me in the guardianship when I had just turned 4. They would put about one hundred creatures together in an arena and they’d fight amongst each other to the death. Who ever won would become the Guardian of an Heir. That time it was to become the Guardian of King Garun’s grandchild. The king’s daughter had just gotten married at that time. They wanted to ensure that if and when she gets pregnant she would be safe at all times. I was the youngest to ever enter the guardianship, and your dad the first Akra’. 

‘He has no abilities?’ I said questioning him. I saw how strong my dad was growing up. I always believed that my dad was the reason I won all my fighting competitions. He was my trainer.

‘Nothing’, Evan said. ‘Many creatures if not all thought your dad had a death wish. It was a brutal fight were mercy was not shown. He was one of the last two standing at the end of it all’ he said. ‘On Zandor our abilities are a lot stronger. Earth makes us weak. Those days I had to only look at someone and they would collapse, it was so easy. They never even got near me. It didn’t work on your dad thought as much as I tried. He had gotten so close that he touched my shoulder and told me to stop. He said if I stopped he would let me live. He believed guardianship wasn’t a position for a child. An Akra being able to kill so many’ Evan said shaking his head.

‘Your dad became the guardian of King Garun’s grandson. The true Heir of Aja’. Jamal  said. ‘Banzier was a small city so they were not eligible to receive a guardian. But King Garun felt it was needed for Ban Zier to have an Heir and so Evan became my Guardian’.

‘Your dad is a guardian sworn to protect the heir of Aja’ Evan continued. ‘But he betrayed the Heir. When you choose to become a guardian you pretty much choose to never get married or have children of your own. As a guardian you have sworn to protect an heir, but if your own child and an heir fight who will you protect. tuff decision…’ he said.

‘When he fell in love with your mother he betrayed the Heir’ Jamal said. ‘They secretly got married and had you. He wasn’t even allowed to show interest in anyone other than the Heir’ 

‘So.…’ Evan said ‘This means when your father is captured he will probably go to the Isle of Mirrage where he will die’. 

‘Evan!’ Jamal yelled.

‘What?…she should know so she can mentally prepare herself’ he said while tapping the side of his head with his finger. ‘If he is lucky he will get thrown in the pit of Senkai’. 

‘And if he is not…’ I said.

‘Isle of Mirrage’, Evan said ‘Your lovely cat Siem knows all about that place. It’s so unfortunate he can’t talk’. He said pouting. Siem hissed and Evan imitated his reaction.

‘They won’t kill him’ Jamal said with worry in his eyes. ‘The day we arrived on earth was the same day the Heir of Aja was born. It was presumed that someone took the Heir after the princess died. Many believe it is either your father or the husband of the princess. Others believed the child died just as the princess died during childbirth’. 

‘I’m sure they will ask about the Heirs whereabouts, I don’t think he knows though. Over the years I have never heard him speak about it’ Jamal said.

‘He knows where the crown prince is’. Evan said. ‘As a guardian I always know where you are, even when I can’t see you. He is just very good at keeping secrets’. 

-Everyone is good at keeping secrets apparently-.

‘And then there is mom’ Jamal closed his eyes as he sighed deeply. ‘She did something she shouldn’t have even tried. Your mother was the maid to King Agon of Senkai. She had worked there most of her life I believe. I’m sure she has seen King Agon drink from the heart of the river for many years and assumed she could use it to help you. When you were a few months old you became very ill’ he said. ‘Mom believed you were dying and took you to the river. Once there….. you died. Jamal said I could sense the hesitation in his voice. She then Bathed you in the heart of the river and you were reborn’.

‘Your mother..?’ Evan Said. ‘It’s better if she is not captured. After you were reborn the river stopped flowing and dried up. The river flows through many kingdoms and they all depend on that water to live. The river is part of an ancient legend. It is believed that there are many spirits in Zandor. According to the legend a spirit lives in the heart of the river. I assumed it was just a scary story that was told to children, so that they wouldn’t get too close to the river. However the river drying is also part of the legend’ Evan continued. ‘Those spirits have a gift if they meet someone worthy of their gift they will give it knowing it will be returned eventually. One of the spirits is believed to be in the heart of the river. The river starts in the heart of senkai and spreads to many different kingdoms and ends in the sea. In the legend it is said that the only way the river will flow again is if the gift is returned to the spirit’.

‘When the river flows again…..’ Jamal said. ‘I won’t be able to protect you anymore. Don’t get captured’.

‘It’s getting dark let’s get some rest. Evan won’t be putting up a seal for tonight, so we will take turns to keep watch. I will wake you up when it’s your turn’ Jamal said. 

I nod. I couldn’t say anything as I laid on top of my sleeping bag. It was a warm night. My mind was racing. -How am I going to sleep after hearing all of this. Everyone in my family is in danger. How can I protect them, If I get captured I will die-.