The shopkeeper’s dinner

I sat on the back of my dad’s bicycle. He was pedaling fast. I looked at his back as I was sitting behind him, I must be very young. I don’t know where we are going but it’s somewhere far. My dad cycles up and down a hill. He must be tired. Every once in a while I would tap my foot on the ground to help him go up a hill. We pass some traffic lights and cycle through different neighborhoods. My dad got of the bicycle and told me to wait outside. He told me he has to grab a container filled with medicine so he could return it. I used to live in this street a long time ago. My dad came back and showed me a small white container. It was filled with medicine in different shapes, sizes and colors. I climbed on the back of his bike. A short chubby white man followed my dad out of the house. He tells us not to return the medicine. He didn’t give us a reason as to why we shouldn’t return it. So my dad and I continued our journey. 

We arrived at a shop. It had red awning blinds and some lettering on the windows but I didn’t feel like reading it. We walk inside and see that we have to wait in line. There were about 5 people waiting in front of us. The chubby man had followed us into the shop he looked frustrated. He was trying to cut in line. I looked up at him and told him he shouldn’t cut in line. A woman standing in front of us agreed and told him to go to the back of the line. He goes to the back. The line is a lot longer now. 

There is a tall man standing behind the counter. The woman in front of us hands the man a package. He examines it and they talk. I can’t hear what they are talking about. The shopkeeper opens a red curtain that is behind him and tells her to enter. As she walks through the curtain the shopkeeper follows her.

It’s our turn now. We wait for the shopkeeper to return. Behind the counter were wooden shelves with a lot of small bottles on them. These bottles contained medicine in different colors, like the ones in my dad’s container. 

The shopkeeper returns and my dad tells him he wants to return his medicine. My dad shows him the container and the man opens it. 

The shopkeeper says nothing and closes the container. He walks over to the curtain and holds it open. My dad holds on to my hand and we walk inside. It is a dark hallway that we walk in. With several closed doors on each side. There is one door open and there is light coming from it. I look back and see that the shopkeeper is following us. As we step into the room I see a candle lit dinner. The shopkeeper signals us to sit at the far end of the table were there are 2 empty seats. As we walk to our seats I see the same woman that had been standing in front of us in the line. She was sitting on our side of the table. My dad tries to move his chair but our chairs are attached to each other. We take a seat and wait.

The white tablecloth is long and covers my legs. The walls were bare with no windows.The table had enough space for 12 seats. The man that had followed us, takes a seat across us on the last empty seat.

 I look at my empty plate it had a gold edge. It looks like we came here to have dinner. I wonder what they will serve us.