It was a cold morning in the mountains. A father and son had reached the cliff. A lot of snow had fallen during their journey but the sky had finally cleared. The two of them sat next to each other on the edge of the cliff they had been waiting for someone. They knew she would come, she always did.

I approached them from behind. I knew they had been waiting for me. They knew not to turn around. I tightened my trench coat and walked towards them. I stopped walking when I was about to step down from a rock. They had placed a camera below it and it was snapping away. I stepped back and realised they were curious to find out my identity. Today I will leave them with a red lipstick. I had six originally and I left with the last three.

An older man was walking on a mountain. The ground had become slippery from the melting snow. He used a walking stick to balance himself. He had felt her presence in the mountains. As he stepped down he adjusted his hat and continued to walk towards the bridge.

I had been following right behind him. He won’t make it. The bridge had not been used for a long time so it was definitely not as stable as it used to be. I noticed him hesitating before stepping on the bridge. He was carrying a camera around his neck. Was he trying to capture me too. He stepped on the bridge and that was my sign. I placed my purple lipstick below a cedar tree and left.