Rise of the fallen; Chapter 15

I didn’t get much sleep. Nightmares came one after another. I don’t remember them though they just gave me an awful chill. Jamal was sitting in his sleeping bag leaning against a tree. Evan was sitting beside him. I couldn’t hear what they were talking about, they were whispering. Evan noticed that I was awake and tapped jamal on his shoulder. 

‘Morning’ Jamal said.

‘Morning’, I reply ‘what were you guys talking about’ 

‘We were deciding who was going to get some food’ Jamal said as he got up from the ground. 

‘Sandwiches, i’m going to buy them’ he said. Jamal’s left eye started twitching as soon as he said that. -He’s lying. He can’t fool me- I thought.

‘I will be back soon’ he said as he walked in his crystals.


‘Evan?’ I said ‘’What were you two talking about?’. 

‘Sandwiches’ Evan said as he started packing his sleeping bag in it’s cover.  

‘I can tell when he is lying’ I said. I rolled up my sleeping bag and struggled to put it in its cover.

‘You’re not going to tell me?’ I asked. Evan smirked and walked into the woods. 

‘I guess not’ I said. I finally managed to put it in and trew the sleeping bag on a pile next to the other two. I dust the dirt of my knees as I got up. -Where is Siem anyways? He must be out here somewhere-.

It was so peaceful I thought as I walked further into the woods. 


‘Jamal?’ I said. ‘That was quick’. From behind one of the trees I saw jamal walking towards me. -Those crystal are very useful I should ask him to teach me-. 

‘Are you ok?’ I take a few steps forward. As I take a closer look at him tears start to fall down my cheeks. 

‘Jamal!’ I yell. I rush towards him. From another tree Rebecca appeared. I stopped abruptly. –Did she hurt him?- Marisol and fred Susman walked over from behind that same tree. They were all drenched in blood. 

‘Mom’ I said as she stumbled over some branches laying on the ground. My mother had cuts all over her body with blood seeping out from them. More people I had met at summer camp came walking towards me. I felt something wet gliding down my arm. I looked at my arm and saw that my dad was standing behind me. He was holding my arm with his bloodied hand. HIs neck had been cut, and blood was gushing out of it . I couldn’t even scream. It was like I had been punched in the gut after swallowing a rock. 


I was shaking. I didn’t understand what was going on. This couldn’t be real.

I ran back to the camp. Evan dropped some dry wood onto the ground.

I couldn’t even say anything I had trouble breathing.

‘What?’ Evan said ‘you ok?’ I point at my dad who was standing closest to us.

‘There is no one there’ Evan said. ‘I don’t sense anyone’.

‘Jam….the..y  r a.. dea…’ I said as tears continue to fall down my cheeks. They kept walking towards me and it was frightening.

‘Jamal is still getting food’ Evan said ‘What are you looking at?’

I didn’t know what to do. Evan couldn’t see them and they were standing right infront of us. They were getting so close.

Evan takes a sharp breath ‘Siem?…. where is Siem?’ he asks as he looks around. ‘Siem!’ he said louder. ‘An Illusion’ Evan said. ‘It’s an illusion It’s not real!’

Evan pushes me behind him and he creates a seal around us. 

‘No’ I say as they walk straight through his seal. 

‘Shit!’ he says as he lets go of his seal.

I walk over to the nearest tree and I pull my knees close to my chest and burry my head in it. 

-This isn’t real, this isn’t real- I mumble to myself over and over.They had reached me and were touching me with their bloodied hands, and it frightened me. They seemed to be dead and possed. 

Jamal pulls my head up to face him and I shriek.

‘It’s me’ he says. ‘Call for Siem, Call him!’ 

It was difficult to breathe let alone speak. And what was Siem going to do about all of this? He is a cat.

‘S….mm’  I say. 

They were standing around us. Hovering over me as their blood dripped on my already wet face.

I hear a miauw and the visions disappear. Jamal let go of my face. Through the tears in my eyes I could see Siem standing before us. I feel a relief going through my body and fall into a deep slumber.